Farm Tour - Milking Cow and Cheese Making

Costa Rica is an incredible vacation destination with many relaxing and adventurous activities to take part in. However, when you are traveling it’s always the experiences that are the most memorable. In Costa Rica, that special experience is definitely horseback riding, cheese making, and milking a cow at the farm near Colonia Blanca, Upala.

Come and enjoy this farm tour with us where a bilingual guide will introduce you to our cows. First, you will learn how to milk a cow, feed a calf with a nipple bottle, and make fresh cheese and cuajadas. Then, we will explain to you the development of a calf until it becomes a cow, such as what foods they eat, their hygiene, and how to properly care after one. You will learn how the farmer processes the cow feed, what part of the year it is most difficult to produce milk, and how our grandparents produced milk back in their day. Finally, we will end the tour with horseback riding to a beautiful trail and enjoy the natural beauty all around us.

We recommend a poncho, bug spray, sunscreen, a hat, hiking shoes, and pants.
This tour includes air conditioned transportation, a bilingual tour guide, a farm tour, horseback riding, and lunch.


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