Manuel Antonio National Park*

With the establishment of Manuel Antonio National Park in 1972, the people of Costa Rica decided to preserve, for future generations, one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse areas in the world. Although it is the country’s smallest national park, the stunning beauty and diversity of wildlife in its 683 hectares is unique solely to Costa Rica.

Manuel Antonio contains a stunning combination of rain forests, beaches, and coral reefs. These beaches are the most beautiful in the country, lined with lush forests, and the snorkeling is excellent too. The forest is home to sloths, iguanas, the rare and adorable squirrel monkeys, and millions of colorful little crabs. The trail that winds around Punta Catedral has spectacular views. The park is easy to reach, south of the town of Quepos, and is near a range of hotels and restaurants.

Visiting the park, you are immediately surrounded by abundant amount of wildlife. Cathedral Point was once an island, but is now connected to the coast by a thin island strip. This land bridge now forms the backbone of Manual Antonio separating the park into two of the most popular beaches, Playa Espadilla Sur and Playa Manuel Antonio. The southern facing beach, Playa Manuel Antonio, is a half mile long and incudes a private, secluded bay.

We recommend bringing a camera, binoculars, long pants, a swimming suit, sunscreen, bug spray, and a towel.


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