La Anita Rainforest Chocolate Tour

Owned by a Costa Rican family, this farm is the only farm in Costa Rica that produces their own organic cacao. Only La Anita provides the authentic opportunity to discover and experience the secret behind the sweet flavor of cacao.

First, you will arrive at La Anita Rainforest Ranch where you will be greeted with a chocolate milkshake. Sip on your drink while we share the history of the Upala region, village, and farm. Second, you will journey into a diversified cacao orchard to see the cacao trees and witness the exciting postharvest process, fermentation, and drying. Then, in the processing plant, you will see the cacao transformed from dry beans, to a jelly like paste, and lastly to artisan chocolate. Finally, after witnessing the final magical transformation of cacao into fine dark chocolate, you will get to try it for yourself and then understand why this dark chocolate is known as the “Food of God”.

After you learn about the details of the process of creation of chocolate, we will treat you to a dining experience centered around Costa Rican traditional cuisine that utilizes the tastes and aroma of chocolate to waken your senses. We bring the heart of palm ceviche to you, taro chips, and beef in red wine with rosemary sauce—all produced fresh from organic gardens accompanied by your choice of homemade ginger spiced lemonade or natural fruit juices.

Continue the tour into the small town of Colonia Libertad, where you will be immersed into ¨tipico¨ Tico daily life. For a final treat, Aracelly, a neighbor from the village, will welcome you into her home for an afternoon snack consisting of her famous homemade dessert, ¨Chocolate and Churros¨.

We recommend bringing a camera, binoculars, long pants, sunscreen, bug spray, and hiking shoes.


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